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Continue your journey with the support of Dr. Rosie and the community of professionals committed to rehumanizing the workplace.

The first year of Annual Licensing is included with TWCC. Make sure you keep your TWCC credential current by renewing your subscription to Annual Licensing.

Our Community Is Making a Difference

Annual Licensing is more than just keeping your TWCC credential active. It provides a structure to nurture and support the  growing community of Paradigm Pioneers so that you can continue to build your skills and leverage the collective wisdom of each other. This community is doing incredible work and leveraging each other to elevate themselves and transform workplaces!


What's Included

Your TWCC Annual Licensing subscription is good for one year. Here’s everything that’s included for less than $45 per month.

Consulting & Support

Resources & Tools

Discounts & Perks

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Enrolling in Annual Licensing is required in order to use and leverage your TWCC credential. We’re committed to ensuring the program and community adds tremendous value. Annual subscription is $495/year.

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Please contact us for group rates or flexible payment plans. Note: Annual Licensing is only available to graduates of our Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate™ training program. Please log in through the Customer Portal prior to purchasing. If you are not able to log in to your TWCC™ account, please contact us for support.

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Use this PDF as a visual guide to see how well you are supporting The Fusion of organizational and employee wellbeing and what it takes to have a thriving workplace culture.

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