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Our Solutions help our clients navigate the messiness of disruption and change to be better positioned for future growth, build cohesive and resilient teams, and strengthen leadership at all levels.

While we use proven processes and tools, we recognize that no two clients are alike. We customize solutions to meet your unique needs. We look forward to learning more about your vision and will co-create an impactful solution to help you meet your goals.

Culture Change Consulting

The most successful business build and nurture a thriving workplace culture.

Clarify Your Company Purpose

Employees today want to work at companies with a clear purpose. Organizations that are deliberate about living their purpose and core values every day outperform their competition. We can help you create the blueprint to energize and align your organization.

Build Organizational Health

Organizational health is the single biggest competitive advantage a business can have. Healthy organizations have minimal politics and confusion, high performance, and low regrettable turnover. Using proven and practical tools, we can help you become healthier and more human.

Enhance Team Effectiveness

Let’s face it: We accomplish more work when collaborating with others, yet many teams are not high-performing. We have several assessments, development programs, and resources to help you build and nurture high-performing, cohesive teams.

Leadership Development

The future demands self-aware, HUMAN leaders brave enough to put people first.

Develop Future-Ready Leaders

Our disruptive world demands that we equip EVERYONE to show up as a leader and maximize their positive impact. And, formal leaders have another level of responsibility due to the influence they have over culture. We use an inside-out approach to develop people at all levels to show up braver and able to effectively navigate the messiness of change.

Ensure a Strong Foundation

Leaders set the tone for your culture. We help you establish clear Guiding Principles of Leadership (non-negotiables for all levels of leaders) and measurable practices to serve as a critical foundation for a cohesive development strategy and creating deliberate practices that foster alignment to your purpose, values and desired culture.

Assess Leadership Bench Strength

We use your Guiding Principles of Leadership and leadership practices in a thoughtful process to assess the bench strength of your leaders. This exercise helps target meaningful development and guides succession planning to ensure the right people are in the right roles to guide your organization where you want to go.

Workshop Facilitation / Speaking

Our presentations and workshops are designed to be insightful, and interactive, and challenge people’s thinking so they can find opportunities to get out of their own way and have a greater impact.

Dare to Lead™

Dr. Rosie Ward is personally certified by Dr. Brené Brown to deliver this courage-building program. Whether you’re looking for a keynote version or bringing the complete 24-hour program to your workplace or event, we can customize a Dare to Lead™ offering to meet your needs.

Workshop Facilitation

Our workshops are designed to be insightful, interactive and challenge people’s thinking so they can find opportunities to get out of their own way and have a greater impact. Most people say they are transformative on both a professional and personal level.


From keynotes to longer workshops, our unique perspective on topics like enhancing workplace culture and leadership effectiveness, navigating change, fostering resiliency, and elevating our impact will keep your audience informed, engaged and thinking differently.

Professional Development

Join our incredible community of professionals who are using our tools and resources to lead and influence positive change and rehumanize workplaces. We have several opportunities for you to learn, grow, and build skills while earning CEUs.

Courageous Leadership Program

This unique 2-day, live, inspirational virtual event builds community and provides tangible ways for you to show up as the leader you were meant to be and wish you had. This program is for EVERYONE at EVERY LEVEL from EVERY TYPE of organization who wants to show up more authentically, courageously, and have a greater impact in all areas of their life.

Dare to Lead ™

This program is based on the past 12+ years of research by Dr. Brené Brown. It focuses on helping individuals, teams, and organizations build four skills of courage to move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Become Dare to Lead Trained and gain access to the Daring Teams Rollout Program to enhance courage skills with your immediate work team.

Developing a Leadership Mindset (DALM) Facilitator Training

Our Developing a Leadership Mindset (DALM) program is designed to develop EVERYONE to show up as a leader. It enhances team cohesion and effectiveness and transforms culture one team at a time. Become part of our DALM Facilitator community and gain the tools, skills and everything you need to support you in bringing this transformative work to others.

Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate Training

Our community of TWCC graduates (Paradigm Pioneers) are making a profound impact as they help workplaces improve organizational and employee wellbeing. This interactive, online training course will provide you with the skills and tools you need to start the journey toward rehumanizing your workplace – including ongoing support with our graduate community.

The Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™

Learn where your culture has strengths to leverage and gaps to address and evaluate efforts along the way.

Thriving Workplace Culture Survey

Our comprehensive, all-employee Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™ (TWCS) survey measures the gap between your current and desired culture, providing the foundation for a thriving, competitive organization.

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