The 5 Rehumanizing Principles

These principles are the key to creating more human workplaces and building stronger communities.

Build a Lighthouse

Illuminate and clarify for employees the organization’s purpose, vision, and core values.
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Create a fearless environment

Where people feel safe and supported to take the risks required to do transformative work.
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Wade in the messy middle

Embrace change knowing growth comes at the edge of discomfort.
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Show up as a leader

Regardless of your title. Leadership is a behavior, not a role.
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Find your tribe

To build connection and community. People are more likely to support what they help create.
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Build a Lighthouse

When people understand and feel connected to the organization’s purpose, everyone thrives.

A thriving, humanistic culture starts with a clear purpose and values that people understand and feel connected to with clear behavioral guideposts. This clarity helps cut through the fog—providing direction and calm amid a chaotic, disruptive world.

We can help you outperform your competition and create energy and alignment by clarifying your organization’s purpose, operationalizing your values, and supporting a stellar employee experience. We help people see how they fit in and connect to your purpose and values.

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Create a Fearless Environment

People can only adapt and grow in spaces where they can take risks and be vulnerable.

In a psychologically safe organization, colleagues trust and respect each other and feel able — and even obligated — to be candid. Psychologically safe teams are higher performing and more resilient.

We can help you create a more courageous workplace culture: one team at a time!

Wade In The Messy Middle

Embracing the discomfort of meaningful development is essential to adapt and thrive in our increasingly disruptive world.

Growth doesn’t happen inside our comfort zones. Meaningful and lasting change is messy and uncomfortable – but is essential to adapting and thriving in our increasingly disruptive world.

There is no “quick fix” or fast-forward button for meaningful personal growth and development. Those who learn how to wade in the messy middle are better able to show up as leaders and influence positive change throughout the organization.

We can help you and your team navigate the messy middle and gain courage-building skills.


Show Up As a Leader

For people and their organizations to thrive, EVERYONE needs to be equipped to make a positive impact around them.

For your organization and its people to thrive, you must equip EVERYONE with the self-awareness and skills to maximize their positive impact.

Leadership is a behavior, not a title or role. In our increasingly disruptive world, we can no longer reserve development for a select few; everyone needs the tools to show up as a leader.

We can help develop your formal and informal leaders to be more human, courageous, and effective.

Find Your Tribe

When people strengthen connections and build community, they are more committed to sustainable change.

Culture is not the sole responsibility of the CEO, HR, or leadership; it’s EVERYONE’s responsibility! Future-proofing your workplace requires creating a culture where everyone feels they belong and can show up authentically.

We are hardwired for connection and tend to support what we’ve helped to create. So we need to enhance our capacity to build and nurture diverse relationships to remove silos and build community.

We can help you build stronger, more diverse, and more connected teams.

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