These principles are the key to creating more human workplaces and building stronger communities.


An island shipwreck provides a helpful metaphor for the 5 Rehumanizing Principles.

Businesses have long operated like ships at sea. A captain is responsible for ship operations, while a large number of people labor away at the day-to-day tasks required to make the ship sail.

When the VUCA sea (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) causes a shipwreck, the survivors have to choose between relying on their old paradigm of business-as-usual, or shifting their paradigm to survive - and even thrive - in their new surroundings.



When people understand and feel connected to the organization's purpose, everyone thrives

Having clarity of purpose and clear behavioral anchors cuts through the fog and provides direction and calm in the midst of a chaotic, disruptive world.

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People can only adapt and grow in spaces where they can take risks and be vulnerable

A psychologically safe organization is a place where colleagues trust and respect each other and feel able — and even obligated — to be candid with each other. Psychologically safe workplaces are more resilient and experience greater retention, financial performance, and innovation.

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Embracing the discomfort of meaningful development is essential to adapt and thrive in our increasingly disruptive world

There is no such thing as a "quick fix" or fast-forward button when it comes to meaningful personal growth and development. Those who learn how to wade in the messy middle are better able to show up as leaders and influence positive change throughout the organization.

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For people and their organizations to thrive, EVERYONE needs to be equipped to make a positive impact around them

Leadership is a behavior, not a title or role. For people and organizations to thrive, everyone needs to be equipped to show up as a leader.

Though support from senior leadership is helpful, workplace transformation can happen one team and one person at a time.

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When people strengthen connections and build community, they are more committed to sustainable change

We’re hardwired for connection, and we tend to support only what we’ve helped to create. So it’s important for people to build diverse relationships and leverage the energy to remove silos and build community. Culture is an EVERYBODY thing!

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