We are an expert consulting and professional development firm that honors the messiness and complexity of what it means to be human in order to help organizations and their people thrive. 

Our purpose is to re-humanize the workplace so people can bring their best selves to work - and home - each day.


Embrace your humanity.

Honor the complexity and messiness of being human. Strive for excellence, not perfection; give yourself and others grace.

We are stronger together.

This is not a solo journey. There is power and energy in building community. Operate with an abundance mindset to build and grow relationships and support others’ success.

Choose courage over comfort.

Be deliberate and intentional in your actions. Embrace the discomfort of challenging the status quo; growth never happens in our comfort zone.

Sound science is your friend.

Every solution and recommendation must be rooted in sound science appropriate for human beings.

Pave a path for others to thrive.

Help others see what’s possible. If you’re going to suggest stopping something or moving away from an approach, always provide a more effective, more human alternative.

Salveo is the Latin word meaning “to be well.” We believe organizational and employee wellbeing are inextricably interconnected; people and businesses thrive when everyone is freed, fueled, and inspired to be their best, authentic selves.


Through in-person and virtual training, workshops, consulting, coaching, publications, and evaluation tools, we guide organizations to create thriving workplace cultures, enhance leadership and organizational effectiveness, and cultivate employee wellbeing.

Our unique, integrated approach is grounded in our 5 Rehumanizing Principles, the key to creating more human workplaces and building stronger communities.

  • It’s Integrated. People and organizations are complex and messy, so we don’t promote change in silos. We believe the wellbeing of organizations and their employees are deeply interconnected.
  • It’s Scientific. Our approach is based on the latest research and scientific discoveries about health, human psychology, and organizational effectiveness. (Not just the latest trends)
  • It’s Humanistic. Organizations are made up of people, not machines. We acknowledge the complexities of being human as the foundation on which a thriving culture must be built. Our 5 Key Rehumanizing Principles
  • It's Actionable. We developed the 7 Points of Transformation, a step-by-step blueprint for how to build a thriving workplace culture.


Photo of Dr. Rosie Ward
Rosie Ward, PhD, MPH, MCHES, BCC, CIC*
CEO and Co-Founder

My favorite color is sparkle! I love music (especially P!nk and Bon Jovi) and can make a soundtrack for any occasion. I love to dance, workout, be on or near water, and am a hobby wine-maker.

Rehumanizing workplaces leverages my strengths as an accomplished speaker, writer, coach and consultant to be a fierce advocate for humanity and create workplaces where everyone can thrive and show up as courageous leaders.

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Lisa Rosemeyer
Chief Experience Officer

I love to dance, and when I hear music, I can’t help but wiggle — even in the middle of the grocery store! I adore animals and hope to have a hobby farm someday. My favorite color is purple, and I’m a huge Prince fan!

Rehumanizing workplaces inspires me to be the best version of myself. I strive to have a positive impact and help others. I get to use my talents to promote our services, support our clients, and provide the best possible user experience—one person, one team, and one organization at a time.

Scott Life
Scott Life

Scott is a talented leadership development consultant and a valuable member of the Salveo Partners team. He supports our clients by helping to guide individuals, groups, and organizations to improve workplace cultures, enhance leadership effectiveness, and cultivate employee wellbeing.



Individuals employed by nonprofit organizations and businesses whose work supports historically underserved populations or groups experiencing disproportionate hardship may be eligible for a discount on the following training programs: The Thriving Workplace Certificate™, Developing a Leadership Mindset Facilitator, and Dare to Lead™. Please complete the application to be considered.

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