About Salveo Partners

Our purpose is to rehumanize the workplace so that people can bring their best selves to work—and home—each day.

Our Story

Salveo Partners was originally founded in 2006 by Rosie Ward as a side hustle focused on coaching, speaking and consulting related to culture and wellbeing. She put it on hold for several years when she accepted a position with a consulting firm – but knew she’d come back to it someday.

When that work environment became toxic, Rosie experienced first-hand the ill effects it had on her wellbeing; she knew it was time to resurrect Salveo  – envisioning a world where her poor work experience is no longer the norm.

Salveo Partners was resurrected in 2013. After some ownership changes, we relaunched again in October 2015 and have continued to evolve. Where we once were considered ahead of our time, we are now perfectly positioned to lead the growing demand for more human workplaces and leaders.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values serve as a filter and a guide for everything we do.

Embrace your humanity.

Honor the complexity and messiness of being human. Strive for excellence, not perfection; give yourself and others grace.

We are stronger together.

This is not a solo journey. There is power and energy in building community. Operate with an abundance mindset to build and grow relationships and support others’ success.

Choose courage over comfort.

Be deliberate and intentional in your actions. Embrace the discomfort of challenging the status quo; growth never happens in our comfort zone.

Sound science is your friend.

Every solution and recommendation must be rooted in sound science appropriate for human beings.

Pave a path for others to thrive.

Help others see what’s possible. If you’re going to suggest stopping something or moving away from an approach, always provide a more effective, more human alternative.

The Meaning of Salveo

Salveo is the Latin word meaning “to be well.”
We believe organizational and employee wellbeing are inextricably interconnected; people and businesses thrive when everyone is freed, fueled, and inspired to be their best, authentic selves.

Our Team

We are fortunate to have an incredible team of talented people to serve our clients and further our purpose to rehumanize workplaces.

Rosie Ward, PhD, MPH, MCHES, BCC, CIC*

CEO and Co-Founder

My favorite color is sparkle! I love music (especially P!nk and Bon Jovi) and can make a soundtrack for any occasion. I love to dance, workout, be on or near water, and am a hobby wine-maker.

Rehumanizing workplaces leverages my strengths as an accomplished speaker, writer, coach and consultant to be a fierce advocate for humanity and create workplaces where everyone can thrive and show up as courageous leaders.

I get SO much energy when I see people get out of their own way and start to step into their greatness! Life is too short to waste time pretending to be something we’re not, hiding our inadequacies and dulling our sparkle.

Lisa Rosemeyer

Chief Experience Officer

I love to dance, and when I hear music, I can’t help but wiggle — even in the middle of the grocery store! I adore animals and hope to have a hobby farm someday. My favorite color is purple, and I’m a huge Prince fan!

Rehumanizing workplaces inspires me to be the best version of myself. I strive to have a positive impact and help others. I get to use my talents to promote our services, support our clients, and provide the best possible user experience—one person, one team, and one organization at a time.


Rana DeBoer


When it comes to running or decorating the house—I’m all in. I have a deep love for the outdoors, and while running on the country roads of South Dakota, I find peace, clarity, and connection with the energies that support a good life.

Rehumanizing workplaces is the only way forward. It’s the key to achieving a culture that thrives and drives leaders to become their best. The wellbeing of people is central to a truly human workplace; it’s jet fuel for the performance of your business (seriously!).

I use this power to guide, facilitate, and coach intentional change to create a vibrant, united energy where people and teams achieve even more together.

Scott Life


I love sports (especially Ohio State – go Buckeyes!), golfing, being with my incredible family, and making a difference for others in this world.

Rehumanizing workplaces leverages my background as an engineer, business owner and leader and consultant to help companies strengthen their capacity to improve culture, leadership, wellbeing and effectiveness.

Finnegan & Daisy

Daisy (she/her) & Finnegan (he/him)

Co-Chiefs of Wellbeing

We do everything together and love to snuggle, eat treats, and make sure our mom (CEO) takes breaks once in a while. We are advocates for work-life harmony, family time, and are great for boosting emotional wellbeing for everyone we meet!

Rehumanizing workplaces creates spaces for furry friends like us to be welcomed into meetings and work life and bring joy to others.

Our Partnerships

Clients We Serve

We are privileged to serve clients who recognize the benefits of investing in growing their people and nurturing healthy workplace cultures so their people and businesses can thrive.


We are proud to partner with several organizations that share our commitment to putting people first and supporting HUMAN workplaces.


We are grateful for our connections with many organizations that help us provide tools and resources to support the success of our clients.
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