White Papers

Our white papers take an in-depth look at the challenges facing businesses today. We dig into the research and provide tangible solutions to help your company thrive in the 21st century—by putting people first.

This white paper examines what we need from leadership (and how to effectively develop everyone to show up as a leader) in order to thrive in our increasingly complex and disruptive world.

Health promotion and workplace wellness professionals can use this white paper as a guide to help identify the seven common red flags in workplace wellness research methodology.

This white paper offers wellbeing professionals and business leaders introductory information about behavioral economics and nudges and examines the benefits and risks of their application in workplace change efforts.

This white paper summarizes the core messages of the New Paradigm approach (The Fusion), providing strategies for turning evidence and powerful questions into meaningful conversations that will help transform the organizational and employee wellbeing landscape.

This eBook discusses the interconnectedness of organizational development and employee wellbeing and provides steps to create the conditions where both the organization and employees can thrive.

📢 Effectively Navigate and Move Through Change with Confidence!

Join Rosie Ward, Ph.D. as she takes you on a journey of discovery in her new webinar series on fearless leadership.

May 23, 12-12:30 pm CDT
3 Keys to Foster Alignment & Clarity

Amidst Change!

 According to Gartner HR, our ability to cope with change has dwindled to half of what it was in 2019. So, we must be deliberate about how we lead and influence others in effectively embracing those changes.

Rosie’s 30-minute webinar will unpack three tools she uses with clients to help promote alignment and clarity, enabling them to navigate change and foster alignment with confidence and ease.


Use this PDF as a visual guide to see how well you are supporting The Fusion of organizational and employee wellbeing and what it takes to have a thriving workplace culture.

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