Bridge the Gap

The Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™ (TWCS) measures the gap between your current and desired culture, providing the foundation for a thriving, competitive organization.

What’s Included: A Comprehensive Package

Executive Brief with survey results in a dashboard for an easy, at-a-glance overview.

A dedicated account manager to guide you through the planning, execution and reporting – approximately 8 weeks from start to finish.

Personal consulting about results to help you understand, communicate and leverage the findings.

A comprehensive, detailed report with recommendations for how to “bridge the gap,” in-depth interpretations and actionable recommendations.

Benefits to Your Organization

Sustainable Change

The TWCS highlights areas of current/desired alignment, allowing you to build on the cultural strengths of your organization.

Future Focus

Additional analysis and reporting can be provided to address the unique needs of Millennials, the majority of the future workforce.

Increased Alignment

The TWCS provides a blueprint for where to focus cultural improvement efforts in order to have the greatest impact.

The TWCS is unique. No other tool currently exists that recognizes and includes the critical interconnectedness of organizational and employee wellbeing.

Scientifically Sound

The TWCS is a tool for the bold. Workplaces that choose the TWCS want to lead, disrupt, grow, and thrive.

Based on the proven scientific methodologies, user testing, and best practices, the TWCS offers reliable, meaningful and actionable feedback.

The TWCS is designed to help you track progress over time. We recommend repeating it every 18 to 24 months.

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