Webinar: The #1 Leadership Skill: Creating a Culture of Care

Join us as Jen Marr shares her groundbreaking, innovative work in mental health, crisis response, and social wellbeing.

The #1 Leadership Skill: Creating a Culture of Care
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
12 – 1 pm CT

Amidst a rampant mental health epidemic and quickly evolving workplace landscapes, there is a new paradigm at play: creating supportive cultures of care and connectedness for more productive — and cohesive — teams.

As leaders, we cannot pretend anymore that mental health isn’t our responsibility. For 68% of workers, it impacts their performance daily. There is a direct connection between prioritizing and investing in a supportive culture of care where employees feel seen, valued, and cared for—and higher performing, talent-attracting organizations.

Jen Marr’s interactive presentation will incorporate her innovative, research-backed approach to transformational leadership. Focusing on fostering the social/relational skills and connections that create and sustain a culture of care in the long term.

Questions to Explore:

  • Why focus on supportive care instead of empathy, self-care, or resilience programs?
  • What is the urgency in fostering cultures of supportive care and teaching leaders how to show up in the workplace?
  • What is the result/return on investment of cultivating human care and connection in the workplace?
  • What actionable steps can leaders and organizations take to support workers in their care?

About Jen Marr

Jen Marr, Speaker, Founder and CEO

Jen Marr is a Speaker, Founder, CEO, and author of Showing Up. She has utilized her 30 years of experience in business, leadership development, and the healthcare industry to research, develop and offer solutions to our current mental health crisis.

Jen’s groundbreaking, innovative work in mental health, crisis response, and social wellbeing brings a new perspective to a field currently dominated by self-care solutions and emotion-based training. She addresses the current Empathy to Action Gap through what she calls The Awkward Zone™.

Jen is a Top Voice in Leadership on LinkedIn and a member of the Forbes Business Council. Her movement is taking root in notable organizations including CVS Health, Relias, the US Office of Personnel Management, the White House Leadership Development, The National Suicide Lifeline, Georgetown University, HCA Healthcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, KPMG, Northeastern University, US Department of Labor, USAID, and The New York Office of Mental Health.

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