Watch our Webinar: The ESG Era is Upon Us – Are You Prepared?

By now, you’ve probably heard the terminology - ESG, but what does that really mean? ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance, and investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risk and growth opportunities. 2020 and 2021 were historic for their level of global regulation related to sustainability disclosure.

Ready or not, the ESG Era is upon us. What could this mean for your organization? Many publicly traded companies are already producing annual ESG reports, but the ESG ripple effects are about to unravel to impact private companies. If you have not begun your ESG journey, the risk of inactivity around your ESG non-financial risk factors could place your business in peril. What if you could gain a competitive advantage, generate new revenue opportunities, increase access to capital, protect your company reputation, amplify your client relations, and attract & retain young talent?

Join us for this timely and insightful discussion with special guest: Lou Raiola, Founder of ESG Solutions Group, and in partnership with EthOs. Lou is an ESG thought leader, purpose transformation advocate, and recognized pioneer of Cause Marketing over his 30+ years advising companies, nonprofits, and celebrity influencers. He will share with you his vision for the ESG Ripple Effect and share game-changing actions you can immediately adapt.

Learning Objectives:
* Understand what ESG is and its importance to all types of organizations.
* Gain insights into the forces driving ESG adoption.
* Assess where your organization fits into the ESG Ripple Effect.
* Learn how enterprise live ESG activates Purpose.
* Apply key steps to effectively engage your stakeholders.

About Lou Raiola
With more than 30 years of experience championing causes that inspire social change through sports, entertainment, and pop culture, Raiola is the go-to resource when it comes to uniting stakeholder groups in collective efforts to drive positive social impact.

Lou Raiola is a recognized cause marketing pioneer who consistently has been at the forefront of each community impact innovation since the mid-1980s.

Today, Raiola is a leading advocate for adopting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance ) Factors within various organizations. In partnership with EthOs, Raiola advises companies, influencers, and non-profits to transform their operations internally while creating valued services for external stakeholders.

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