You already know your workplace culture needs to improve

A sustainable plan for improvement begins with understanding the state of your current workplace culture.


Know where you are

Can workplace culture really be measured? (Hint: the answer is “yes.”)

You’ve looked around the office, and you think you have a pretty good idea of where your culture stands.

But your gut feeling isn’t enough to guide organizational change. You need to validate your assumptions.

Use an all-employee survey to to determine if your assumptions are correct, and to find out where to go next.

Important Survey Considerations

Writing and deploying a survey is an art and a science.

When choosing an all-employee survey, look for proven scientific methodologies, user testing, and that the survey output provides reliable, meaningful and actionable feedback.

You want to thoroughly understand the product and process so you don’t inadvertently undercut the very workplace culture you are trying to improve.

Without a plan for explaining the purpose of the survey and what you plan to do with the results, a survey won’t set you on the right course for improving culture.
Action Plan.
Before you deploy a survey, make sure you have a plan for using the survey results to improve the workplace.
Getting leadership on board with the survey is critical. You can’t expect employees to participate if leaders don’t think it’s important.

Get Our Guide to a Successful Survey

Salveo Partners’ whitepaper, Using an All-Employee Survey to Jumpstart Your Thriving Workplace Culture Journey, provides everything you need to find and deploy the right survey for you.