Rehumanizing the Workplace — Pivoting and Adapting in the VUCA World

Pivot and Adaptability are quickly becoming the words of 2020 as we all navigate through this pandemic. We were forced to pivot and adapt how we launched Rehumanizing the Workplace and rethink how to best serve others. And we’ve been incredibly encouraged with the response and realizing how relevant the content is and how much it’s needed. Since its release on March 24, 2020, it has consistently ranked in the top 5 among workplace behavior books and in the top 10 among business leadership books on Amazon; we are beyond grateful for the response and support!

We are even more grateful for the phenomenal group of people from 27 states and 2 countries who quickly signed up to be part of a virtual community over four weeks to discuss the book and how to apply it today and in the future. Between large group discussions and small breakout room discussions, people showed up human and engaged.

Following is a summary from our virtual book club discussion and some of my key takeaways from our first session.




  • COVID-19 Has Amplified the Rehumanizing Revolution. With many things changing daily (and sometimes even hourly), one thing is certain; no one will remain unchanged by this experience. We’re either going to be better, healthier and stronger as leaders, teams and as organizations or worse. How we show up now and in the next few weeks and months people will remember for years to come. There are countless examples of incredible leaders and organizations that are anchoring on their purpose and doubling down on humanity right now; and it’s inspiring!


  • We Need to Recognize the Complexities of What’s Happening. We live and work in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. This pandemic has shown us VUCA to the extreme and has us in a space of incredible adaptive challenges (those we haven’t faced before, have no known solution, and force us to change our mindsets in order to navigate and solve them). Yet it’s part of the human condition to seek out familiarity and comfort and put off changes that spark discomfort if we can avoid them. So we have a collective experience right now where our VUCA world is demanding exponential adaptation, yet our own humanity is fighting it. Recognize it; name it; and then lean into the discomfort to chart a path through it.


  • We ALL Get Triggered. The inherent characteristics of our VUCA world and this pandemic trigger our Reactive Mind where we operate out of fear and self-protection. Yet that keeps us from having the impact we desire in the world. What we need is to recognize when it happens, acknowledge and own it, and then give ourselves grace. We all do it; we need to remind ourselves that we are not alone!


  • Let Go of Perfection. We’re all in unchartered waters. Perfection never existed and certainly won’t start now! So we need to lean into courage. One person said that 80% done is better than 100% in your head. And another reminded us that an imperfect online meeting is so much better than creating the illusion of perfection; we need to allow people to have the space to respond to children, family, and life in the home when the home becomes the workplace.


  • Be a Champion for Humanity and Connection. In a time of physical distancing, now more than ever is a time to be resourceful in how we lead and be a champion for connection with our teams, our families and our communities. With that, here are some of things people shared that they want to make sure to take with them in this “new normal” to be able to show up as a leader and advocate for humanity:
    • Moving from self-protection to self-reflection
    • Greater attention to self-care
    • Intentionality with a daily gratitude practice


For those of you who are not participating in our live book club sessions, I hope you can use the discussion guide to foster your own learning or start your own book club and share your insights with others. I will post a recap each week as well. We ALL have the opportunity to show up as leaders right now and influence positive change – in our organizations, teams, families and communities!


Stay HUMAN. Stay connected. Stay safe. Show Up as a Leader.



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