TWCC Annual Licensing: Year-Long Subscription

Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate™ (TWCC™) is good for one year. For an annual fee of $495 (just over $40 per month), you’ll receive:

  • Ongoing access to the current Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate™ class
  • 1 hour of live group consulting each month (participants can help guide the monthly topics); all sessions will be recorded and archived
  • Customizable templates (at least one for each Point of Transformation)
  • Private LinkedIn group for ongoing support (both peer support and support from Jon and Rosie)
  • Additional 5% discount on the total fee for the Thriving Workplace Culture SurveyTM
  • 10% discounted rate on consulting services
  • Discount on future train‐the‐trainer workshops
  • Up to 2 hours of individual consulting per year (not available to monthly subscribers)
  • Exclusive access to recordings of quarterly educational webinars
  • Early preview of select future Salveo Partners publications

Annual Licensing is exclusively available to graduates of our Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate™ training program. 

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