Whether you’re looking for continuing education credits to support a certification or training to help you leverage organizational change, we offer options that will support you in re-humanizing the workplace.



The Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate™ (TWCC)

This web-based training program is the foundation of Salveo’s approach to building thriving workplace cultures and making positive change.


PRACTICAL APPLICATION. Real-world exercises help you apply your new knowledge to practical situations from your own experience.


CONVENIENT & ENGAGING. Learn through an interactive, live, 90-minute webinar each Friday for 11 weeks. You’ll find everything you need for training on our online classroom portal.


You can earn the following credits:
CHES/MCHES - 16.5 hrs
HRCI* - 15.5 hrs
SHRM - 16.5 hrs
CEBS - 19.8 hrs


Annual Licensing

A valuable benefit of earning your TWCC certificate is becoming part of the growing community of amazing Paradigm Pioneers who are leading the way in re-humanizing workplaces.

Stay connected through our Annual Licensing program! You’ll  gain access to exclusive monthly group consulting sessions, continued access to updated TWCC materials, additional tools to support you, and discounts on Salveo Partners products and services.


Our Alternative to “Wellness or Else”

Our Health for Every Body Online Training Program, based on the principles of Health At Every Size™, will prepare you to help people develop positive self-care behaviors without a weight loss focus.This web-based training means you experience the Health for Every Body program as a participant -- and get certified to lead your own group through it.

Developing a Leadership Mindset Facilitator Training


Transform Culture One Team at a Time

Help everyone on your team show up as a leader. This 2-day interactive, in-person workshop, will equip you with the experience and material you need to lead a small group through Developing a Leadership Mindset training. Participants will benefit from:

  • Increased self-awareness and effective-thinking
  • Improved team communication and conflict resolution
  • The development of a psychologically safe workplace that fosters candor and collaboration
  • Greater alignment with the organization’s purpose and values

A Different Kind of Conference

Salveo Partners is proud to be the founding member of the Fusion 2.0 Conference, a purposeful gathering of like-minded people with a passion for putting people back at the center of work. The conference was designed for hought-leaders from diverse industries in Wellness, Safety, Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Leadership to come together to inspire and empower attendees to make real change when they return to work.

In November 2018, more than 200 people from 34 states and 3 countries attended the 3-day event in downtown Minneapolis.