The future demands that EVERYONE is equipped to show up as a leader. Our approach works from the inside out to build braver, adaptive leaders.


We define leadership as maximizing our positive impact on the world by becoming our best, fully authentic selves and supporting those around us to break past barriers and step into their greatness.

Our unique approach fills in the gaps left by traditional leadership development programs so leaders first start thinking differently in order to lead more effectively.


We have worked with hundreds of organizations in many different industries, with groups large and small. Nothing we do is cookie cutter!

All of our workshops can be delivered in person or virtually. We can even create a hybrid program or record sessions for future use. Our goal is to create a completely custom program that borrows components from the following leadership development programs to create the most meaningful outcomes for you.


Developing a Leadership Mindset (DALM designed for intact work teams to help employees at every level learn how to show up as a leader.

Dare to Lead™ is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown on courageous leadership, and focuses on developing four courage-building skill sets for individuals, teams and organizations.

Building a Cohesive Leadership Team (BACLT) is for teams who need to collaborate and support others in aligning with the organization’s purpose and achieving business goals.


The Hogan is an assessment with the highest predictive validity that measures your reputation or how others are likely to see you in terms of your everyday behaviors, your behaviors when you’re under stress and pressure, and what motivates you.

The Judgment Index™ is a highly validated assessment that measures how your thinking patterns show up in your judgments and the choices you make – at work and in your personal life - and potential frustration triggers.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a unique 360 tool that connects a well-researched batter of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought to help illuminate leader effectiveness and specifically target development efforts.

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Every coaching engagement is unique and is based on what you’re wanting to accomplish. We have found that in order to truly make progress on your goals, it takes approximately 10-13 sessions. Coaching sessions are typically every other week for 60 minutes, and can be conducted in-person or via videoconference.

We all have blind spots that can get in our way of having the impact we desire in our lives. These blind spots can only be illuminated with a trusted partner who can support and challenge us in ways we can’t on our own. This is where coaching comes into play.

  • Intrinsic Coaching® focuses on eliciting your best thinking so you can make better choices and realize your potential.
  • Immunity to Change™ Coaching is a highly validated process developed by Drs. Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey from Harvard. It helps people identify their psychological immune system and underlying assumptions that get in their way of making progress on goals and keeps them stuck in self-limiting behaviors.
  • 1:1 or Small Group Coaching helps people gain greater clarity of purpose and what matters and them and engage in work to move past being safe and small to step into their greatness and have the impact they desire.