Our approach to building healthy, thriving organizations is based on our 5 Key Rehumanizing Principles, which acknowledge the critical link between organizational and employee wellbeing.



From advising small teams to leading large-scale culture transformation efforts, we have consulted with organizations and groups of all sizes in many different industries. We start with a foundation of proven approaches and then work with you to develop custom solutions that will best meet your needs.

Some of our consultation services include:

  • Clarifying WHY (purpose) and core values
  • Creating & implementing strategies for leading in alignment with and living the WHY
  • Guiding and supporting strategy and tactics to transform workplace culture
  • Facilitating culture and business visioning sessions
  • Developing and coaching leaders to be more effective and overcome their Immunity to Change
  • Developing & supporting culture ambassadors
  • Building thriving, effective teams
  • Revamping outdated wellness programs


What are the traits of a
thriving organization?





  • Cohesive leadership teams
  • A clear company purpose, vision & values that everyone understands and embodies
  • Timely, meaningful communication & feedback for all employees
  • Employees who are empowered to show up as leaders with autonomy, mastery, and purpose
  • Accountability is embraced by everyone in the organization
  • A psychologically safe and courageous climate


Developing a Leadership Mindset (DALM)

Transform your culture one team at a time. This workshop is designed for intact work teams to help everyone embrace a leadership mindset, show up as the best version of themselves, and improve team communication and effectiveness.

Lighthouse Workshop: Clarifying & Aligning Purpose

Organizations that have a clearly defined WHY (purpose), and engage their people in aligning with and living the WHY, outperform their competition. This workshop lays the foundation for clarifying your WHY and creating a transformation plan.

Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

Cohesive leadership teams are essential for organizational health & effectiveness. This workshop supports leadership teams in being more self-aware, building trust, navigating and leading through adaptive change, and fostering organizational alignment.

Building Organizational Health

"The single, greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health." Dr. Rosie Ward is a CAPAPro Consultant, which means that she can offer consulting services to build organizational health using proven tools from bestselling author Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group.


We envision a world where the workplace is re-humanized and people are freed, fueled and inspired to bring their best selves to work - and home - each day.