Building a Cohesive Leadership Team (BACLT)

Move teams from managing to leading

Program Details

Building a Cohesive Leadership Team (BACLT) is designed for leadership teams who need to collaborate and support others in aligning with the organization’s purpose and achieving business goals. BACLT focuses on the parameters necessary to build organizational health, become a cohesive team, and move from armored to daring leadership, including:

  • increasing self-awareness
  • building trust
  • effectively communicating a clear vision
  • navigating and leading change
  • building psychological safety and resiliency
  • aligning teams with the organization’s purpose


Through BACLT, teams increase self-awareness and build trust among one another so they can more effectively work together and lead the organization to meet future goals and objectives.


Participants complete practical application exercises between sessions in order to apply learnings and deepen understanding.


A leader's summary and checklist help keep the work alive beyond the program. A regroup session 4 months post-program, and reinforcement emails 30, 60, 90 and 120 days post-training ensure a lasting impact.


The program includes individual Immunity to Change coaching for each leader to help them have a greater impact by identifying and overturning self-limiting dialogue.

"Most leadership development training focuses on the leader you are today; BACLT recognizes that we need to understand our past experiences that shape our inner narrative and who we are today in order to move forward and have a positive impact."

- Oren Avery, Sr. Clinic Manager
Broadway Family Medicine