Congratulations, TWCC Grad! What’s Next?

You’ve earned your certificate, and now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Don’t lose momentum! Continue your journey as a Paradigm Pioneer with the support of Drs. Jon and Rosie and like-minded peers with our Annual Licensing program.

Annual Licensing: What’s Included

Your TWCC Annual Licensing subscription is good for one year. Here’s everything that’s included for less than $45 per month

Discounts & Perks

  • Additional 5% discount on Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™
  • 10% discount on consulting services
  • 10% discount on Fusion 2.0 Conference and future train-the-trainer workshops
  • Early preview of select future Salveo Partners publications
  • Ongoing access to the current session of TWCC

Resources & Tools

  • How-to guides, templates & activities for applying the New Paradigm and 7 POTs to transform your workplace
  • Jon & Rosie’s categorized recommended reading list to supplement your learnings
  • Exclusive access to recordings of educational webinars

Consulting & Support

  • Additional 5% discount on our Thriving Workplace Culture Survey
  • 10% discount on consulting services and future trainings
  • 10% discount on Fusion 2.0 Conference future train-the-trainer workshops

Register Today!

For just over $40 a month, get the additional support and resources to implement sustainable change at your workplace. Please contact us for group rates or flexible payment plans. Note: Annual Licensing is only available to graduates of our Thriving Workplace Culture Certificate™ training program. Please log in through the Customer Portal prior to purchasing. If you are not able to log in to your TWCC™ account, please contact us for support.

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