Transform team meetings with our unique approach and web-based tool

Banish Bad Meetings — For Good

Most meetings are a confusing mix of administrative, tactics, strategy and review, all of which create unfocused, meandering, and long conferences with little resolution or clarity.

We’ve come to accept that business meetings are one of the necessary evils of organizational life. But they don’t have to be!

We can help you transform tedious, debilitating meetings into something productive, focused and even energizing, including how to best leverage The Meeting Advantage, a web-based tool for teams.


Bad meetings are a reflection of bad leaders. Bad meetings can take a devastating toll on an organization’s success.

Good meetings are exciting, engaging, and productive, and include some conflict. Good meetings have a clear purpose and end in clarity and commitment.


Based on Patrick Lencioni's more than two decades of work with clients, The Table Group designed The Meeting Advantage to be as easy-to-use as it is transformational.

DAILY CHECK IN: Share daily schedules and activities

WEEKLY TACTICAL: Review weekly activities and metrics, and resolve tactical obstacles and issues.

MONTHLY STRATEGIC: Discuss, analyze, brainstorm and decide upon critical issues affecting long term success.

QUARTERLY OFF-SITE REVIEW: Review strategy, competitive landscape, industry trends, key personnel, and team development.

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This tool was developed by Pat Lencioni and the Table Group. As a CAPAPro Consultant, Dr. Rosie is certified to offer consulting services based on his model.

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