The future demands that EVERYONE is equipped to show up as a leader. Our approach works from the inside out to build braver, adaptive leaders.


All of our workshops support leaders and teams to be more cohesive. We help you navigate the complex waters of change, identify thinking patterns that keep you stuck, and lead more courageously.


After completing and debriefing the assessments, we enter into an in-depth coaching engagement. Our inside-out approach to coaching starts with fostering greater self-awareness.


We offer a combination of assessments that foster greater self-awareness to help illuminate strengths and blind spots (i.e., thinking and behaviors that can get in our way of having the impact we desire).

We define leadership as maximizing our positive impact on the world by becoming our best, fully authentic selves and supporting those around us to break past barriers and step into their greatness.
Our unique approach fills in the gaps left by traditional leadership development programs so leaders first start thinking differently in order to lead more effectively.


The Hogan is an assessment with the highest predictive validity that measures your reputation or how others are likely to see you in terms of your everyday behaviors, your behaviors when you’re under stress and pressure, and what motivates you.

The Judgment Index™ is a highly validated assessment that measures how your thinking patterns show up in your judgments and the choices you make – at work and in your personal life - and potential frustration triggers.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a unique 360 tool that connects a well-researched batter of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought to help illuminate leader effectiveness and specifically target development efforts.

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