When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact.

Simon Sinek popularized the concept of “start with why” and uses what he calls the Golden Circle to show the importance of this concept.

WHY is our greater purpose, cause or belief
HOW are our behaviors and guiding principles that set us apart from others
WHAT is our function, role, products or services

Most of us know WHAT we do; very few of us know WHY we do it. But when we get clear on our WHY and then HOW we need to show up to live into and further our why, our WHAT becomes easier. This is true for organizations and individuals.

Starting with WHY gives us the clarity and flexibility we need to adapt our WHAT effectively and stay true to who we are.


When we do the work individually to clarify our Golden Circle, it becomes easier to find opportunities to further the organization’s purpose and stay grounded in a world full of incredible disruption.


Build a Lighthouse Workshop: Clarify Your WHY and Core Values

This interactive workshop leverages the insightful WHY.os assessment to help you succinctly identify your personal Golden Circle (i.e., your WHY, HOW and WHAT). Then you’ll walk through exercises to identify and operationalize your core values and leverage your Golden Circle and values as a lighthouse to ground and guide you so you can maximize your impact.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Describe why anchoring on a clear purpose is critical on both the organizational and individual level
  • Clarify your personal WHY, HOW and WHAT via the WHY.os assessment
  • Identify your personal core values and operationalize your values into clear language and behaviors to help guide you in showing up as your best, authentic self
  • How to leverage your Golden Circle to foster fulfillment and make a positive difference
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Rosie is a clear and effective communicator who brings her fun, personable attitude into the room. Her Build a Lighthouse workshop allowed me to better understand my “WHY” type and how to identify it in others. I loved the exercises at the end that tied it in with Dare to Lead values and the Purpose pillar of Conscious Capitalism. I highly recommend this workshop!

Kristin Johnson Vice President of Marketing for Improving and Programming Chair of Conscious Capitalism, Dallas Chapter

I’ve done a lot of why-related searching, exercises and inventory, and the workbook you took us through with the WHY Institute assessment cut through to the essential much quicker than I was expecting. This was a thorough, thoughtful, and efficient way to clarify our own personal/business WHYs, WHATs and HOWs.

Christina Rossini CEO, Inissor International Holdings
Online Assessment

The questions will take you less than than 10 minutes to complete, and you will learn the WHY, HOW and WHAT that make you uniquely you.

Interactive Workshop (online or in person)

In this session, find out why your personal why matters, how to leverage your strengths, and how to work with others to compensate for weaknesses.

Customized Team Session

Train your team! When each person understands their WHY, everyone will work even better together! Contact us to set up a private workshop.

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