Free Webinar Series! The Power in the Pivot: Leadership Lessons from Being [at Work] to take you from CHAOS to CLARITY

Please join us for an interactive and energizing presentation by Andrea Butcher, Chief Executive Officer at HRD.

The Power in the Pivot: Leadership Lessons from Being [at Work] to take you from CHAOS to CLARITY

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
12-1 pm Central

As a leader, you are perpetually asked to pivot . . . flexibility and coming alongside those you serve is mission critical, and learning HOW to do that with dignity and grace takes intentionality. 

In this interactive and energizing presentation, executive coach and leadership development guru Andrea Butcher will highlight THREE ways to maximize the power of the pivots in YOUR leadership (and your life) based on the outcomes of over 50 conversations with executives on her leadership podcast, Being [at Work]. 

You will undoubtedly walk away feeling empowered and energized while connecting with other leaders through the power of shared stories.

  • Go big picture when you’re stuck in the muck
  • Leverage your relationships
  • Press into and stay in the tough moments

About Andrea Butcher

Andrea is a visionary—she knows how to lead organizations from big picture to execution. She is a dynamic speaker, executive coach, and facilitator. As the CEO of HRD – A Leadership Development Company, she leads a national team of expert facilitators and coaches and drives the organization’s growth strategy. She also hosts a daily and weekly leadership podcast, Being [at Work], and is the author of The Power in the Pivot (Red Thread Publishing 2022) and HR for Dummies (Wiley 2023). In 2020, she was recognized by the Indianapolis Women’s Journal as a Woman of Influence. 

Andrea’s work spans organizations of all sizes and industries all over the world; she has experience in global HR positions, consulting, operations, and executive roles for private and public organizations. 

Andrea is also the co-founder and President of Next Gen Talent, a program specifically designed to equip emerging HR leaders for success.

📢 Effectively Navigate and Move Through Change with Confidence!

Join Rosie Ward, Ph.D. as she takes you on a journey of discovery in her new webinar series on fearless leadership.

May 23, 12-12:30 pm CDT
3 Keys to Foster Alignment & Clarity

Amidst Change!

 According to Gartner HR, our ability to cope with change has dwindled to half of what it was in 2019. So, we must be deliberate about how we lead and influence others in effectively embracing those changes.

Rosie’s 30-minute webinar will unpack three tools she uses with clients to help promote alignment and clarity, enabling them to navigate change and foster alignment with confidence and ease.


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