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What would you be able to achieve if you had more influence right now?

What kind of an impact would you be making if you just had more influence?

Why does it seem others around you are achieving more and making a bigger impact, at the same time?

Two words. Leadership influence!


So, where do you get this kind of valuable influence all in one place? In the Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Influence™ Masterclass Series.

And, it’s FREE for YOU, from Tuesday, July 9 through Monday, July 22, 2019.

My friend and transformational leader Kristi Staab has gathered together 28 massively successful global thought leaders and leadership influencers together in this Masterclass Series to answer the most powerful question being asked today:

“How do I build my confidence and increase my influence?”

Regardless of where or how you’re looking to increase your confidence and influence, the Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Influence™ has you covered, with interviews featuring Jack Canfield, JJ Virgin, Bub Burg, Bob Chapman, Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman, and me.

These are just a few of the amazing leadership influencers that are showing up to support you in unlocking an even higher level of confidence and influence!

In my one-on-one interview with Kristi, I’ll be sharing what we’ve been doing to transform workplaces one team at a time through our 5 rehumanizing principles. I'll also be sharing more about what it takes to show up as a leader and influence positive change in our lives – regardless of your role or title.

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During the Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Influence, you’ll learn:

  • Why leadership influence is the conduit to you achieving and impacting more, period.
  • The mindset, behaviors, and skills necessary for you to become a highly successful leadership influencer.
  • How to influence others when you have no authority.
  • Whether or not people trust you based on your voice quality and body language.
  • How your health, nutrition, and self-care are impacting your current level of influence – for better or worse.
  • How to create connection through generosity, passion, purpose and positive influence.
  • How to use LinkedIn and major media to build your personal brand and leadership influence.

This very timely, informative, motivational, and empowering Masterclass Series IS yours for the taking. So, take it before it’s gone for good! Register today!

Use these keys to unlock your leadership influence!


Rosie Ward, Ph.D., MPH, MCHES, BCC, CIC®, CVS-FR

P.S. Up until now, access to THIS very group of global thought leaders and leadership experts has never been available before!

P.S.S. This is a rare opportunity. 28 global thought leaders and leadership influencers. All in one place. Answering one very important question. How do increase my leadership influence? Answers await. Access this before it’s gone for good!

Watch Rosie Share Her Experiences in a Free Online Video Series

Photo of Dr. Rosie WardBe honest. Do you want more?
More balance?
More confidence?
More energy?
More influence?
More meaningful relationships?
More out of life?

I know how that feels. I grew up as the youngest of 5 girls in an over-achieving family. As a result of various experiences, I became convinced that the only way that I would be loved and “good enough” was to be perfect. I’ve spent years trying to overcome the need for perfection, and the need to prove myself.

What I needed was a complete shift and breakthrough in how I live my life and lead others - and what it actually means to be a leader. I began embracing my own humanity and doing the important, challenging work to rewrite the narratives in my brain that were holding me back - a completely new mindset about what it means to rock my life and leadership.

So I was thrilled when Kristi Staab asked to interview me for her new online series, “From the Boardroom to Backstage, Women Leaders Who Rock:  21 Leadership Experts Who Are Powered by Passion, Positivity and Purpose!™” In this interview, I’ll be sharing my experience getting out of my own way so that I could show up as a leader in all areas of my life, and my thoughts about rehumanizing the workplace.

Sign up for access to this free video interview, and you’ll also get an all-access pass to the whole series of 20 other daring, diverse, dynamic, and influential women leaders, entrepreneurs and peak performers… AKA, “Women Leaders Who Rock!™” (You’ll also receive up to 21 free gifts – one from each featured influencer when you watch her interview and download your free gift each day!)

Free Webinar: Conscious Capitalism 101: A Business Profit Strategy

Conscious Capitalism 101: A Business Profit Strategy

July 31, 2018

1:30-2:30 pm EDT

Leaders and entrepreneurs around the world are reimagining business as a vehicle of service for the uplifting of humanity rather than as a way to make as much money as possible. Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy along with a set of guiding principles and best practices based on a simple idea that business is about more than making a profit. It’s an approach to business built on the fundamental universal truth that people aspire to more – more meaning and purpose, more flourishing and fulfillment. It does not hold the notion of profit in contempt, it provides an alternative approach that emphasizes ideas like trust, collaboration and compassion. It says business is good, even heroic, because it creates prosperity and can do so much more to elevate humanity. The powerful combination of good business practices and the four principles of Conscious Capitalism elevates business to a greater operational success and makes them agents of societal flourishing.

Join us for an interactive session with special guest, Amanda Kathryn Roman, Director of Learning Initiatives for Conscious Capitalism, Inc. She will help you learn about what makes Conscious Capitalists different and how they operationalize the four tenets of the Conscious Capitalism philosophy. If you are interested in bringing more humanity to the workplace, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

About Conscious Capitalism:
Founded in 2010, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to elevating humanity through business. The practice of Conscious Capitalism includes implementing the principles of Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Culture and Conscious Leadership. The organization produces transformational events and learning opportunities that inspire, educate and connect a growing network of Conscious Capitalists around the world. Our communities include business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and others interested in changing the perception and practice of business with Conscious Capitalism.

About Amanda Kathryn Roman:
Amanda Kathryn Roman is Director of Learning Initiatives for Conscious Capitalism, Inc. where she develops, designs, and produces collaborative learning experiences that support business leaders around the globe in integrating and implementing conscious business principles through mastermind gatherings, on-site workshops, site visits, and online training curriculum. She also leads a number of strategic initiatives for the growing movement of Conscious Capitalists around the world to support a diversified representation of business leaders operating on conscious principles. Amanda has been curious about the way people and systems work from a very young age. Her insatiable desire to travel the world and experience different communities first-hand has developed a knack for uncovering opportunity, common ground, and the untapped potential of individuals to create positive change.

Amanda serves as President of the Board of Directors of Policy Jury Group; Founder and CEO of Living Out Loud, an experiential training and coaching firm; Founding Partner of Living Room Conversations; and holds a Masters in High Performance from the High Performance Institute. Select highlights of her professional accolades include the Nonpartisan Trailblazer Award, the Outstanding National Network Architect Award, and the Best Field Representative Award. She was also the inaugural recipient of the eponymous Amanda Hydro Award for Outstanding Leadership & Community Service which is presented annually.

Amanda is currently training for the NYC marathon as a member of Team RWB’s charity race team. She is married with three children and based in the New York City metropolitan area. Amanda enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors; running marathons; dancing whenever the mood strikes her; drinking espresso, red wine & mezcal {not all at the same time}; reading voraciously; traveling to satisfy her wanderlust soul; and listening to classic rock while she is on the go.

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