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Ushering Leadership Development into the 21st Century

In our increasingly complex and disruptive world, we need to be able to adapt and navigate the waters of adaptive change. This means we need to rethink how we define and develop leaders.

Brené Brown recently completed a 7-year study of leadership and organizational culture. She asked over 150 global C-suite leaders what needs to change for leaders to be successful in a complex, rapidly changing environment. The one common answer was: We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures.

This whitepaper redefines how we look at leadership and offers insight for what it actually takes to develop EVERYONE to show up as a brave leader and how to leverage that to create more courageous workplaces.

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To Nudge or Not to Nudge? The Promises and Pitfalls of Behavioral Economics at the Workplace

Nudges have become the darlings of wellbeing efforts at the workplace, used in a wide variety of efforts designed to help employees improve their health. These types of behavioral prompts appear to be relatively simple and harmless, and they can be effective for promoting certain types of behaviors. However, nudges are not without their problems and pitfalls.

This white paper offers wellness professionals and business leaders introductory information about behavioral economics and nudges and provides an analysis of the benefits and risks of their application in workplace change efforts.

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Realities of Building a Thriving Organization Whitepaper

This white paper features interviews with three exceptional professionals who are immersed in Paradigm Pioneering work. Learn what it's really like to do the work necessary to build a thriving organization and benefit from their wisdom.

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Free Resource: Leveraging The Fusion to Create Thriving Organizations

As claims of health care cost savings are proven false and resistance to the “Wellness or Else” model grows, many organizational leaders and wellness professionals recognize the need for a new approach to organizational and employee wellbeing. Support for one such New Paradigm approach, called The Fusion, is growing. Professionals who wish to lead the shift toward The Fusion within their circle of influence must be skilled at effectively communicating these New Paradigm messages. This eBook summarizes the core messages of The Fusion and provides strategies for combining evidence and powerful questions into meaningful conversations that will help transform the organizational and employee wellbeing landscape.

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Free Resource: WELCOA Expert Interview on The 7 Points of Transformation

People often get overwhelmed when thinking about changing culture, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this interview, Rosie and Jon present a blueprint that leverages their 7 Points of Transformation for building a thriving culture at work.

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Free Resource: Leveraging the FUSION of Organizational and Employee Wellbeing to Create a Thriving Workplace Culture

This eBook discusses the important interconnectedness of organizational development and employee wellbeing; distinguishes culture from climate and explains how you can intentionally align them; explores wildly successful companies who are doing just that;  and provides steps you can take to create the conditions where both the organization and employees can thrive.

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Free Resource: Ushering Motivation and Behavior Change

This eBook separates fact from fiction with regards to one of the biggest areas of stuckness - motivation and behavior change. We look at the research and uncover the Evolution of Motivation. Specifically we describe the attributes of evolving to Motivation 4.0 - supporting better thinking as a foundation for meaningful, sustainable change.

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Free Resource: How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work – What’s Science Got to do With it?

In order to do things differently, it’s important to understand the sciences behind why we do what we do, where we’ve been stuck and what the evidence teaches us for ushering our efforts to support and enhance organizational and employee wellbeing into the 21st century. This eBook walks you through the sciences so you understand the WHY behind the what and the how of shifting from the stuckness of the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm.

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Free Resource: Stuck in the Status Quo? Overcome an Unhealthy Workplace Culture…Even If You Don’t Realize You’re in One

Many organizations are “stuck” in the status quo, operating under long-held beliefs rooted in outdated paradigms. This white paper explores how a thriving workplace culture is the key business advantage, identifies signs that you have a thriving culture, and introduces a 7-step blueprint to help you build and transform your workplace culture to one that frees, fuels and inspires people to bring their best selves to work - and home - each day.

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