The Value of Supporting EVERYONE to Show Up as a Leader

Book Club Session 3 Recap During our third session of our virtual book club for Rehumanizing the Workplace, we convened to discuss what it takes for EVERYONE to show up as leaders in their lives and create deliberate practices to not leave workplace culture to chance. As a refresher, we define leadership as “maximizing our…

Self-Acceptance Concept, Demonstrated As Hands Over Heart

Nurturing a Truly Humanistic Workplace and Team Culture

Book Club Session 2 Recap During the second session of our virtual book club for Rehumanizing the Workplace, we convened to discuss what it takes to nurture a truly humanistic culture – at work (physically or virtually), on teams, and in our communities. If we want people to be able to show up as their…

Rehumanizing the Workplace — Pivoting and Adapting in the VUCA World

Pivot and Adaptability are quickly becoming the words of 2020 as we all navigate through this pandemic. We were forced to pivot and adapt how we launched Rehumanizing the Workplace and rethink how to best serve others. And we’ve been incredibly encouraged with the response and realizing how relevant the content is and how much…


We regularly talk about how our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world brings a new reality of living and working in an environment where disruption is the new norm. With all that is happening globally with COVID-19, we are experiencing our VUCA world in full force!

Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Influence

What would you be able to achieve if you had more influence right now? What kind of an impact would you be making if you just had more influence? Why does it seem others around you are achieving more and making a bigger impact, at the same time? Two words. Leadership influence!   So, where…

TWCC Session 1

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Free Resource: Ushering Motivation and Behavior Change

This eBook separates fact from fiction with regards to one of the biggest areas of stuckness – motivation and behavior change. We look at the research and uncover the Evolution of Motivation. Specifically we describe the attributes of evolving to Motivation 4.0 – supporting better thinking as a foundation for meaningful, sustainable change.