We put people at the center of your workplace

Organizations are made up of people, so why do we treat them like machines?


Who We Are

Salveo Partners' purpose is to re-humanize the workplace so people can bring their best selves to work - and home - each day. We are an expert consulting and professional development firm that guides organizations to create thriving workplace cultures, enhance organizational performance, and cultivate employee wellbeing.

Rosie Ward, PhD, MPH, MCHES, BCC, CIC*

Rosie Ward is an accomplished speaker, writer, coach and consultant. Her expertise lies in organizational effectiveness, leadership development, and worksite health promotion. She uses her extensive knowledge to help organizations develop and implement strategies to create workplaces where the organization and its people can thrive.

Contact Rosie at rosie@SalveoPartners.com

Jon Robison, PhD, MS, MA, CIC*

Jon Robison is a gifted speaker, teacher, author and consultant. He advocates shifting health promotion away from its traditional , biomedical, control-oriented focus; with a particular interest in why people do what they do and don't do what they don't do. He is the author of two books and numerous scientific articles and book chapters.

Contact Jon at jon@SalveoPartners.com

Salveo is the Latin word meaning “to be well.” We believe organizational and employee wellbeing are inextricably interconnected, and that employee wellbeing comes from people feeling freed, fueled, and inspired to bring their best selves to work — and home — each day.

Scientist is assembling a molecular model

Unlocking The Fusion

At Salveo Partners, we know that people are complex systems: work and life are messy, and things don’t always fit neatly into boxes and categories.

In organizations, employee wellness and organizational development typically operate in silos. Jon and Rosie met and joined forces when they realized that they were both advocating a unique approach -- The Fusion of the two disciplines.

Our approach affirms that people are the foundation on which thriving workplace cultures are built.

Our Blueprint for Success

Our 7 Points of Transformation show you how to build a thriving workplace culture that supports and enhances both organizational and employee wellbeing.


You wouldn’t build a house on quicksand, so why build your organization on outdated paradigms and science that can threaten your company’s success?

All of our products and services were developed around this 7-step framework.

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